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My boss belittles me constantly

My boss is on my back constantly and she belittles me, and screams at me in front of other employees. She keeps piling on the work but claims I don't work as much as the other employees at our company. THE LYING WITCH!!! I work much much more!!!! I dread every day going to work, because I know it is going to be much more. I only have 2 emotions when I am there. I either am very depressed and crying in the bathroom, or I am in a murderous rage! I can't take much more!

Your boss is employing a classic strategy to remove someone from her team that she does not like. Obviously she is not in a position to fire you because if she were, and you were not doing much work, she would cut you loose. Since she can't fire you, she is doing the next best thing which is to harrass an employee until they are so miserable they quit.

One option is to update your resume and accomodate her by finding employment elsewhere. She gets her way, you get a new boss and then she is out of your life for good.

A second option is to document her behavior, record times, dates, places and quotes as well as the work load you are handling. Submit it with a letter to her boss and to HR and call a conference meeting where you can express what is happening. Hopefully, they will speak with her and she'll either back off or they might transfer you elsewhere.

On a personal note, there are people like this everywhere you go, and over time you need to develop a thick skin so creeps can't make you miserable. Question why this person's words are so hurtful to you.

She is being disrespectful and sending a really bad message to your coworkers. She is not worth the pain and frustration you feel but there is also no guarantee that you won't have another boss like this one in the future.

How will you deal with that one?
HR Guy on 10 October 2012 17:52:57
I am an engineer and my boss is the same but hes male and i am determined to hurt him outside work, but would being retaliant out of work get me sacked in work, everyone in work even his own brther said hes disrespectful to everyone but cus hes boss hes bulletproof, i really want to put him in his place as if anybody with no ties on me spoke to me like that id literally rip their face off, im not violent or mouthy i just get on with my job feeling empty as he throws comments that im useless and dosnt leave me alone, i want to show him that he needs to stop n its thanks to my two children needing me and the money thats been the barrier between me in prison and him in a wheelchair. so your not alone theres many of us even thick skinned that get to volcanic point.
dan224 on 24 March 2013 14:38:21
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